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Wide development of valve industry
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The development and expansion of the valve industry

Valve industry plays an important role in the development of national economy as an important link in preparation for manufacturing industry. With the strong development of China's real economy and traditional manufacturing industry, valves and related products have also made great progress as the indispensable basic parts in the manufacturing chain. A glimpse of the eyes.

At present, China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide some twelve categories, more than 3000 models and more than 4000 specifications for the user sector, whose performance parameters range from vacuum valves to 600Mpa ultra high pressure valves, from deep cold -196 degrees Celsius to 570 degrees centigrade. Its main products have basically met the needs of the domestic market, and the complete set rate, complete set level and complete set ability of the valve market have been greatly improved, and the domestic valves have already had a certain base of revitalization.

Broad prospects for the industry

The state economy continues to develop steadily. Investment in fixed assets has gradually expanded. In particular, several projects such as "west to East Gas Transmission", "west to east transmission", "south to North Water Transfer", and "south to North Water Transfer" need a large number of valve products. In addition, China is facing the arrival of the industrial age, and the use of large valves in the petrochemical industry, electric power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction will be enhanced. The demand for valve products. For example, in the power industry in "11th Five-Year" during the "11th Five-Year", large and medium-sized projects for coal and electricity units needed to predict the total valve, the total demand of the valve is 153 thousand tons, the average annual demand is 30 thousand and 600 tons, the total demand of the valve is 3 billion 960 million yuan, and the annual demand is 792 million yuan.

With the gradual promotion of the policy of accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of the universal basic manufacturing industry will be further supported. In the future, the market prospect of China's valve industry is very broad.

Market competition and localization are imperative

China's valve market "cake" is large, but the market competition is also very fierce. For some competitive large enterprises, through competition, the scale of enterprises has become larger and larger, and their popularity has become more and more high. But for some uncompetitive small and medium-sized enterprises, they may be faced with the risk of being merged or closed down. In the increasingly fierce valve market, companies with core competitiveness can be foothold in the market, and innovation has become a powerful tool for enterprises to win the market.

In addition, the domestic valve manufacturing level in China still has a certain gap compared with the international advanced level. Many key valves with high parameters, high temperature, high pressure and high pound have always depended on the import, and the domestic valve industry has formed a consensus in the domestic valve industry.

In order to promote the localization of the valve, the state departments concerned have made a series of major deployments, led by the national development and Reform Commission, the China National Machinery Industry Federation and the Chinese general machine, in accordance with the requirements of the nationalization of the major equipment made by the state after the State Council issued several opinions on the acceleration of the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. The machinery industry association has deployed the valve localization scheme for major equipment in related fields, and has coordinated with the relevant departments many times.

With the encouragement and support of national policies, Shanghai, Fujian and Zhejiang are making great efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of valve manufacturing industry. The investment prospects of China's valve industry are very broad. The trend of the replacement of the valve industry is obvious in the future. From the experience of the past, the low end of China's valve industry has basically achieved localization. Domestic enterprises in the middle and high-end fields are gradually replacing imports with the comparative advantages of cost, channel and service, and are expected to join the international market to compete in the international market. The valve industry should focus on the margin of safety and some new high-end manufacturing areas with high growth potential on specific investment targets. Only in the aspects of cost, technology, marketing channel and service, can the enterprises have different competitive advantages, which can occupy the dominant position in the fierce market competition in the future.

Therefore, the domestic valve industry should respond actively to enhance the ability to strain the international trade risk, while expanding export, it can not relax the development of the domestic market. Enterprises can carry out industrial upgrading, move into the area of high and middle end valve products, or consider the new subdivision areas with large demand for valve and other valves, enhance the supporting capacity of the project and increase the added value of the valve products. The valve enterprise should strengthen the technological innovation, turn from the deviation to the quantity and the scale to pay more attention to the pursuit of quality and benefit, and actively develop the domestic market, and promote the benign development of the China valve industry.

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